Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider Wikipedia in my reputation management strategy?
Wikipedia is a global platform with immense influence. It should be an essential part of your communication strategy as it shapes the public perception of individuals, organizations, and companies alike.
Is it permissible to hire a consultant for creating or updating a Wikipedia article?
Yes, hiring a consultant is allowed as long as they adhere to all Wikipedia policies, including complete disclosure of conflicts of interest (COI). Reputs LLC ensures full compliance with these policies, maintaining the highest standards of ethics and transparency.
What differentiates a "white hat" consultant from a "black hat" one?
“White hat” consultants, like us at Reputs LLC, strictly follow Wikipedia’s complex policies while offering paid services, especially with regards to COI. In contrast, “black hat” consultants disregard these policies, resulting in non-transparent and potentially harmful practices.
What are the potential risks of hiring a "black hat" consultant?
Hiring a “black hat” consultant can lead to disclosure issues, content removal, public embarrassment, and lower quality articles. In the worst-case scenario, it can even lead to legal problems due to violation of Wikipedia’s terms of use.
Why should I consider hiring a professional Wikipedia consultant?
Navigating Wikipedia’s extensive and complex policies can be challenging. A professional consultant can effectively apply these rules and ensure that your content meets Wikipedia’s stringent standards.
How can I verify the expertise of a Wikipedia consultant?
Authentic consultants like Reputs LLC should have a proven track record of successfully written and edited Wikipedia articles. They should openly share their previous work and always disclose their paid editor status in compliance with Wikipedia’s policies.
What sets Reputs LLC apart as an expert in Wikipedia consulting?
At Reputs LLC, our team comprises seasoned academics, journalists, executives, and lawyers. We offer an additional layer of transparency by using real credentials when submitting articles or edits, a practice rarely seen in the largely anonymous Wikipedia community.
What is the cost of hiring a professional Wikipedia consultant?
The cost varies based on the work involved. We at Reputs LLC offer custom quotes for our services. Although our prices may be higher than “black hat” consultants, our commitment to quality, transparency, and policy compliance justifies the investment.
What does Wikipedia monitoring entail and why is it necessary?
Wikipedia monitoring involves real-time tracking of changes made to articles. At Reputs LLC, we set up alerts for your articles, review changes, and recommend action if changes violate Wikipedia policies. It’s a crucial measure to protect your reputation and ensure the accuracy of information.
What happens if my new Wikipedia article gets rejected?
At Reputs LLC, we undertake assignments only when we are confident about their acceptance based on our careful notability review. In case an article gets rejected, we analyze the reasons, offer guidance, and assist with resubmission after addressing the issues identified.